Received Flowers From Your Date? Decode What It Could Mean

by Emma Cooper

Flowers are meant to do a lot more than just remind us of nature’s flair for art and colours. For us mortals, they serve as an excellent channel to convey a thought or a message that otherwise no combination of 26 alphabets could put together. While on the common occasions it’s easy to decode what the colour of a bouquet represents, what do you do when you receive a bouquet from the man you’re seeing? Is he trying to convey something? Relax; we’re here to help. Allow us to decode for you the hidden meaning behind five bouquet colours (apart from the obvious and clichéd red, of course) that your date will/may send you along the course of your relationship.

1)   Orange

Vibrant, brilliant orange, like the early morning sun, symbolizes happiness and joy. Orange flowers also indicate adventure and spontaneity, with the light warmth of love. So, if you find yourself waking up to a bunch of orange tulips or roses, it could mean he’s looking for something fun, sprightly and adventurous, with a possibility of a breezy romance. Emotional without coming off as promiscuous, someone seems to have gotten their first date basics right!

2)   Yellow

Nothing represents freshness and positivity like the colour yellow. Yellow roses represent friendship, and everything that friendship stands for. When he sends you a lovely yellow bouquet, it means he intends to establish a relationship based on trust, kindness and mutual respect. This bouquet is seen more commonly around a more professional environment, to show appreciation. So, when you get this from your date, you may not want to get your hopes too high on the romantic front, but do anticipate the budding of a new warm, reliable and thoughtful friendship, which- if you ask us- isn’t so bad either.

3)   Deep blue

The one thing that makes this colour super special is the fact that they don’t come so easily. Mostly found in hydrangea, iris or orchids, if you’re sent these flowers, you have to understand and accept one thing: the man has taken extra efforts to do what he’s done. Deep blue symbolizes calmness and stability, something he may be seeking in the relationship with you. He’s not looking for any hanky-panky or tom-foolery. He may be that kind of guy who would want to lie next to you on the freshly cut grass and stare at the white fluffy clouds float by against a bright blue sky. Dreamlike, right? We agree!

4)   Purple

Purple, as a colour itself, is so very exotic and royal. Purple flowers have something very enthralling, enigmatic and magical about them. A purple bouquet symbolizes charisma, poise, élan and a high sense of sophistication. A purple bouquet could mean, that the man is thinking and maybe even ready to make a transition to a new phase in the relationship. It also means that this is one creative man with a very keen taste in the finer things in life. Basically, whatever the case may be, if he sends you that absolutely gorgeous and exotic purple bouquet, he considers you and the whole thing between the two of you very important.

5)   White flowers

White flowers are a common sight at either funerals or weddings. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be mortified if and when you find a white bouquet waiting for you at your desk. Fresh white flowers represent innocence, clarity and transparency- something that takes birth at the start of every new phase- birth, marriage or death (start of a new journey to afterlife). White bouquets of carnations, orchids, calla lilies or daisies, convey pure, selfless love and an eternal fidelity. Clearly, this is the bouquet you’re sure to receive many dates later. So, we think, if you get this bouquet; you might want to make wedding arrangements- or at least start thinking about it.

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This post was generously provided by Emma Cooper.

Emma Cooper is a florist by profession. Among other services, flower delivery in Perth is one of the most prompt services her shop is known for. An avid blogger, she highlights the meaning behind every flower.

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