Dummies’ Guide To Hosting The Perfect 50s Themed Party

by Jenny Wadlow

The fifties were probably the most interesting times in history. What with the world just recovering from the devastating aftermath of the Second World War. This is the era whose music still makes even the most heavily left-footed dancers to break into a jig. This is the era that was a perfect mix of post-war optimism and pre-modern innocence.

But above all else, the people back then knew how to have fun, how to go wild and shake off all that stress. This probably explains this generation’s fixation with that long gone time. If you’re one those too (and we don’t blame you for that), and intend to host a 50s themed party, our simple and snazzy little guide should help you best.

  • The invites

How well you do your invites will let your guests know that you mean business. This is turn means that they take their end of the deal seriously, and follow the theme down to the minutest detail. Old vinyl records lend that perfect touch of authenticity and do absolute justice to the theme. You can also pick specific artistes from the fifties, for specific guests, and ask them to dress like the artiste on their invite. It makes the whole affair a lot more exciting and there’s always that element of surprise to see what the other guest will look like.

  • The costume

The costume for fifties is as easy to pull off as it is fun. You’ll always find something in your current wardrobe that fits this theme. If not, then there are so many DIY projects that help you get the costume right.

For boys: Boys and men- think fifties, think James Dean or Grease. This movie is the ultimate handbook to the fifties wardrobe. Go for black or white Converse, black or blue cuffed jeans and a white tee with rolled up sleeves. Throw on a black leather jacket and slide a black plastic comb into the back pocket to complete the look. As for the hair, use generous amounts of gel to get that ducktail hairdo right.

For girls: Girls can either go for the sultry look, with a tight pencil skirt or tight capris paired with a tucked in racy blouse, and finished with a belt at the waist. Or, go for the ultimate fad of the fifties: the poodle skirt paired with a scoop neck blouse or a quarter-sleeved t-shirt. Oh and don’t forget the hairspray and enough lipstick to paint the whole town red.

  • The décor

If and when all else fails, there’s décor. Fifties were a time when soda fountains and jukeboxes were THE thing. You can also put up a ‘Soda Jerk’ sign, stick vinyl records and posters of stars from back in the day on the walls. Try to get your hands on black and white checkered backdrop or floor mat for the dance floor. Basically, anything that you think is Rock ‘n Roll in its early days, works.

  • The food and beverages

This is simple, and to an extent cheap too. Serve dine-in inspired foods, like hamburgers, potato chips, milkshakes, egg cream and cola. Also have meatloaf, tater-tots, tootsie rolls and honey candies, for extra brownie points.

  • The playlist

What good is a party without good music? And by heavens, the 50s gave us the most foot tapping music on the charts. Stick to the sock hop numbers. The perfect playlist would be songs along the lines of:

– Wake Up Little Susie- Everly Brothers

– Blue Suede Shoes- Carl Perkins

– Jailhouse Rock- Elvis Presley

– Let’s Twist Again- Chubby Checker

So, pull up your socks (literally!), call all those enthusiastic friends and just do the twist!

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This post was generously provided by Jenny Wadlow.

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