Dummies’ Guide To Hosting The Perfect 50s Themed Party


The fifties were probably the most interesting times in history. What with the world just recovering from the devastating aftermath of the Second World War. This is the era whose music still makes even the most heavily left-footed dancers to break into a jig. This is the era that was a perfect mix of post-war optimism and pre-modern innocence.
But above all else, the people back then knew how to have fun, how to go wild and shake off all that stress. This probably explains this generation’s fixation with that long gone time. If you’re one those too (and we don’t blame you for that), and intend to host a 50s themed party, our simple and snazzy little guide should help you best.

3 Memorable Ideas, For A More Memorable Day


Everybody who plans a wedding wants it to be that little bit special. We want to buy the special gown, book a special venue, order the nicest cake, and arrive in the most luxurious or unusual transportation. However, these items are expensive, and the more select the choices the more the cost goes up. However, it is possible to impress your guests without spending an absolute fortune. Although we all want our wedding to be perfect, and not have to worry about the expense, sometimes the little things become the most memorable. Below are a few ways that you can make your wedding memorable, with a more subtle approach.
Wedding Invitations

The whole wedding ceremony starts with the invitations, and what better time than this to start to make the impression you want? Invitations come in all shapes and sizes, and can be beautiful to touch as well as to look at. But if you want your invitation to become memorable, you need to stop it slipping from memory. One way to do this is to make your wedding invitation a countdown to the big day. You can have your invitation made to your design, but also have it made to be a countdown until the morning of the ceremony. Another idea is to have reminders on the calendar such as “Don’t forget to buy your shoes, only 1 week to go”. This turns the traditional into a bit of fun that people will enjoy.

Only You Can Decide When It’s Time To Turn Your Life Around


For many of us, there comes a time in our lives when we start to reflect on the past and think about deciding about our future. Some call it a ‘crossroads’ and that description usually fits the bill. You may be in your mid 20’s or perhaps late 40’s, it doesn’t really matter. What is [...]

Received Flowers From Your Date? Decode What It Could Mean


Flowers are meant to do a lot more than just remind us of nature’s flair for art and colours. For us mortals, they serve as an excellent channel to convey a thought or a message that otherwise no combination of 26 alphabets could put together. While on the common occasions it’s easy to decode what the colour of a bouquet represents, what do you do when you receive a bouquet from the man you’re seeing? Is he trying to convey something? Relax; we’re here to help. Allow us to decode for you the hidden meaning behind five bouquet colours (apart from the obvious and clichéd red, of course) that your date will/may send you along the course of your relationship.

How To Capture And Cherish Memories Of Your Children


Having a baby is an incredibly exciting and life changing event. Nothing will ever be quite the same once you’re a parent and for at least the first few years this is all that’s ever going to be on your mind.
Of course the priority now is to look after your children and to make sure they are not only safe, but also happy and stimulated. The way you act now will influence them for the rest of their lives and this can leave you in something of a flap so that you forget all the other things you need or want to be doing. This is a real shame though if it means that you don’t find time to take pictures and otherwise cement the memories of your child’s infancy – as this is a time that you will be sure to want to look back on fondly and to share with friends. So how do you make sure that you make memories that last?

Keep Moving Fun, Call Movers For The Hard Stuff


Thinking of all the new possibilities when moving is half the fun. Imagining the way you can decorate, the color palettes you can use, the way you will organize your kitchen. Planning to add a deck or a fire pit can be so exciting. Checking out the local restaurants and shops is a great way to meet new people. Expanding your horizons, learning about the new neighborhood, it is all