3 Memorable Ideas, For A More Memorable Day

by John Armstrong

Everybody who plans a wedding wants it to be that little bit special. We want to buy the special gown, book a special venue, order the nicest cake, and arrive in the most luxurious or unusual transportation. However, these items are expensive, and the more select the choices the more the cost goes up. However, it is possible to impress your guests without spending an absolute fortune. Although we all want our wedding to be perfect, and not have to worry about the expense, sometimes the little things become the most memorable. Below are a few ways that you can make your wedding memorable, with a more subtle approach.

Wedding Invitations

The whole wedding ceremony starts with the invitations, and what better time than this to start to make the impression you want? Invitations come in all shapes and sizes, and can be beautiful to touch as well as to look at. But if you want your invitation to become memorable, you need to stop it slipping from memory. One way to do this is to make your wedding invitation a countdown to the big day. You can have your invitation made to your design, but also have it made to be a countdown until the morning of the ceremony. Another idea is to have reminders on the calendar such as “Don’t forget to buy your shoes, only 1 week to go”. This turns the traditional into a bit of fun that people will enjoy.

Couples Cut the Cake

Every couple gets cut the cake at their wedding, and it brings back memories for every married couple you have invited. Why not expand on this idea, and after dinner has been served let all the married couples enjoy the cake cutting moment again. For dessert, couples could have their very own mock cake, including a wedding couple on top, The best man and maid of honour can toast the couples and wish them as happy a future as the bride and groom. This photo opportunity and reaffirmation of love will be remembered by everybody.

Wedding Gift

As the bride and groom will be receiving so many presents, it is sometimes nice to give something back. Small inexpensive gifts always go down well with guests. If the gifts are in place before seating at the wedding dinner, they can be opened after the speeches. Making the presents humorous will make it more enjoyable; fun is the motivation here. If you wrap the presents in advice sheets, then the guests can give the newlyweds all sorts of marital advice. This is a lot of fun as the best man can read out the funnier pieces of advice that people have proffered. This is a fun way to make the wedding dinner very memorable.

Most weddings will involve invitations and a dessert, and for a little extra these can be made that little bit special. As for the wedding gift for guests, it is not about the cost, it is about making the guests smile when they open it. These ideas could make your wedding the most memorable of the season; and I hope they do.

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John Armstrong, the author of this post, is an avid blogger. He works as an art director for Inspired Design, well-known for their inspired and unique wedding invites. In his spare time, he pursues his passion for photography.

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