How To Select The Perfect Band For Your Big Day

Whether looking for a musical guest for your wedding or another special event, such as a golden birthday party, there are a few things you want to take into consideration. Having the right band is going to mean a much more enjoyable experience – something that your guests are never going to forget. There’s nothing quite like a bit of music to liven up a party or set a calming mood.

Avoid Last-Minute Bookings: Making those Tricky Decisions

As with most things in life, planning ahead is your best bet. Booking a band months in advance, for example, is going to prove to be much less stressful than if you were to wait until a week or two beforehand. While you may be able to locate a band and have the event run smoothly, without putting the time and effort in, you may never know what the day could have been. You always want to shop around, get to know a few bands; see what they have to offer you so you can make the choice that is best for everyone. A happy bride, groom or host means happy guests.

Give yourself plenty of time to sit down with your many options. Ask to hear samples of their music (which may be in the form of video performances), or even set up a preview in person, if possible. Look at their website and see if you can’t find information about their previous concerts. The internet is a great source for all kinds of information and is where you’ll be able to locate references. Asking the band representative is another great way to get background information. Finding professional, yet exciting individuals is key to a successful event, so do yourself a favor and get to know them well. Locating a wonderful musician who also has a shinning personality is like the icing on the cake, and may even be worth a little more cash.

Style is Huge

Of course, the tone and theme of your event makes a big difference. Choosing a band that not only looks the part, but also has the amount of energy you’re looking for is crucial. The last thing you want is ballad after ballad when the goal is to get people up on the dance floor. While there are bands out there that may be able to have a few different sets, one low key (maybe for your reception) and then a more energetic one (when the focus is going to be on dancing and mingling), there is always the option to hire more than one band. When it comes to weddings, cover bands are a popular choice because your guests will be able to sing along to some of their all-time favorites. This is bound to bring up old memories and get conversations steadily moving, requiring less work on your part to make everyone comfortable.

Quiet Time: A Must for Guests of All Types

While many people are going to love sitting up near the band and getting lost in the music, it never hurts to have seating away from the stage. This way, if someone has a headache, a cranky child to care for or simply wants to chat with their friends; they aren’t being drowned out by the music. Accommodating for all types of people and comfort levels is very important. Speak with your band of choice and see if they take requests, as this can help you even further set the tone.

Get Those Details in Writing

One of the easiest ways to make sure your day goes as planned is to think about all the minor details. Know ahead of time how much the down payment is going to be, if there is one, how much the performers are going to be paid per hour and when their breaks will be. Anything you can think of should be mentioned, such as the scheduled arrival time, how the gear is going to be handled, moved etc. It’s best to not leave anything out – better to have too much documented than not enough. If you’ve never hired a band before, this can seem a bit intimidating but generally locating someone, such as a friend or relative who has been through it before will make things a lot simpler. They may even be able to steer you towards bands that they have previously worked with who were exceptional. Having connections never hurts.



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