Keep Moving Fun, Call Movers For The Hard Stuff

by M. J.

Thinking of all the new possibilities when moving is half the fun. Imagining the way you can decorate, the color palettes you can use, the way you will organize your kitchen. Planning to add a deck or a fire pit can be so exciting. Checking out the local restaurants and shops is a great way to meet new people. Expanding your horizons, learning about the new neighborhood, it is all part of the joy of moving to a new home. But, along with that joy comes a lot of hard work, too. Don’t let your spirits be dampened by exhaustion and pain. Call in an experienced, professional moving company to do all the hard stuff for you, so you can get on with the fun stuff.

Back-Breaking Labor

Sure, you may work out occasionally. But have you carried everything you own twice in one day? It is quite a chore, and quite a feat if you can manage to do it. Your couch may not seem that heavy just looking at it, but actually hauling that baby through the house, down the porch steps, into a truck, and then out of a truck and up into the new house is more hard and physically taxing than it first appears. And that is just one item. Think of all the other heavier things to be moved. Chairs, armoires, entertainment centers, mattresses, and dressers all are not light items. And heaven help you if you have to move the refrigerator or washer and dryer. Let alone heft them all twice.
Hiring a moving company will save you all unnecessary pain and pulled muscles. They can take care of it all for you, from packing and carrying all the boxed items to loading all the furniture into the truck. And, when they pack it, they wrap it all protectively, from knick-knacks to dishes, to coffee tables, ensuring all your belongings arrive in good condition. They know how to load a truck, too. They will use every bit of available space, keeping everything from sliding and shifting during transport. And then they’ll do it again, hauling everything out of the truck and up into your house. The amount of work they save you can not be overlooked.


Keep your move as happy and joyful as you can. Call in the movers, let them do all the hard work, and you and your family can focus on the fun stuff.  

This post was generously provided by M. J..

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  • Physically, you may not be cut out for organizing a big move. In this case, better leave it to the experts to make your boxes and take over the operation. Stress can make us lose our cool. Plus, professional movers have done it lots before and know all the tricks.

    • Good advice 🙂 I happen to be really good at organizing the move (and have done quite a few!) and my husband is great at figuring out how to move the difficult stuff (like grand pianos) without damage and the most efficiently. But, that said, hiring professionals is a good idea. Moves are stressful and can wear a person out so if you have the means, yes, do consider the professionals.

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