What Is A Push Present, And Is It Necessary?

by Heather Nosworth

Image by theogeo on FlickrGiving birth, whether by C-Section or the old-fashioned way, is nothing short of torture for many women. It often means hours of very hard labor followed by the pain of giving birth, followed by weeks of recovery. For decades, most women simply got the gift of motherhood at the end of the actual process. Recently, though, a trend has emerged among many parents: the push present.

What is a Push Present?

Simply put, a push present is a gift that mothers get from their significant others for “pushing” the baby out. Don’t worry – mothers who have C-Sections often get them as well. The goal here is for the mother to feel rewarded for bringing a new life into the world, and many surveys indicate that up to 40% of US moms are getting push presents. More than half of US moms, according to survey results, wanted a push present. The term itself was initially coined in the early nineties, but gifts have often been given to mom and baby after the birth.

The types of push presents given tend to vary widely. Celebs in the news have given pricey jewelry to their significant others as push presents.  For example, Mariah Carey’s husband gave her a diamond and sapphire necklace after giving birth to their twins in 2011. Ordinary people, though, have come up with fairly unique newborn gifts too. A simple bouquet of flowers will suffice in many cases. A “Mom” necklace with the baby’s birthstone would be the ideal gift as well. The key here, though, is to get something that the mom would appreciate, instead of just what you think might be right for the occasion.

Are Push Presents Necessary?

Absolutely not. If you’re looking for a standard here, you’re not going to find one, according to many etiquette experts. While some moms almost demand a push present, many other mothers feel that they’d rather have the dad save the money and time to invest it in the child later. Saving that few hundred dollars to open a college savings account might be a perfect idea. Giving mom the night off after a few weeks might be an equally good idea. The trick is that you don’t want to offend the mother, and many moms might be mad if Dad went out and dropped several hundred dollars on expensive jewelry when new baby care bills are so close.

If you’re wondering whether or not to get your significant other a push present, talk to her. Find out what she’d prefer. The chances are good that the two of you will come up with a solution together. If she wants one, look to online forums for unique ideas. Talk to other couples you know to find out what they did for a push present, but put her needs above everything else, and respect her wishes. The last thing you want on your hands is a fight right after she’s been through childbirth!

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  • As an aside, there’s a neat story in the Juno Lucina blog about how to hint at the push present you want!

    • Hi Wendy. Thanks for the link to your article. I will go check it out now 😉

  • Think about push presents or push gifts in terms of something that will remind you of your experience forever. Something that can be handed down for generations…

    • The idea of a “push present” was new to me, but it is certainly a fascinating trend and one that I think is a great idea 😉

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