A Short History of Wedding Cakes


Whether you decide to go with a traditional tiered beauty with white icing, a stand with dozens of different kinds of cupcakes or the latest trend of cake pops, your cake should be the centrepiece of your wedding reception, creating a reaction of wonder and awe in your guests and tasting just as good as it looks. The wedding cake has been of major importance to nuptials since 600BC in Ancient Rome, where legend has it that bread was broken over the brides head as a symbol of good luck. It is unlikely that you’ll see this custom repeated in the modern era, but it highlights that a form of the tradition has survived over 2500 years, and is now more popular than ever. The wedding cake can be a subtle or grand affair, and through time the likes of Royalty and the French have used cakes as a symbol of their wealth and greatness, with the wedding cake of Queen Victoria rumoured to be 3 yards in circumference and weighing 300lbs. Now that’s how to celebrate a wedding.




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