I Am Generous, But My Husband Is Not

My husband does not buy anything for me, not even clothes, but I always buy for him.

Dear beuty,

It is very nice of you to show your love for your husband by buying things for him. Hopefully, he appreciates it and realizes that you are showing your love for him.

Notwithstanding ulterior motives and manipulations and the like, the giving of gifts generally demonstrates love, however, the converse is not necessarily true. The lack of giving gifts is not a demonstration of a lack of love. That said, it would remain obvious that if someone does not love someone else, they are unlikely to give gifts.

Gary Chapman teaches the "5 Love Languages." One of these languages is gift giving. People demonstrate their love via the top one or two of these five languages. Likewise, they feel loved when one or two of these are demonstrated to them. So, it is possible that one of your love languages is receiving gifts and possibly your love language on the giving side includes gift giving. However, possibly, this is not the case with your husband.

You may want to read the book (shown below) and get an idea of what each of your love languages are. Also pay attention to how he feels loved and try to find ways to incorporate that into your actions. Sit down with him and express your need(s) including receiving gifts and how much you love him and desire to actively show love via his love language.

Deborah E
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