Mother-in-Law Bullying: How Do I Find the Courage to Survive?


Ever feel like your mother-in-law can’t stand you? Maybe she criticizes your parenting, makes snide comments about your appearance or career, or constantly competes for your spouse’s attention. You’re not alone. Many women experience bullying behavior from their mother-in-law that leaves them feeling hurt, anxious, and like an outsider in their own family. But there is hope. You can find ways to stand up for yourself, set clear boundaries, get your spouse on the same page, and make the relationship more tolerable. Surviving a toxic mother-in-law is challenging, but with courage and the right strategies, you can overcome her bullying and take back control of your life. And, it is normal that you are feeling that low self esteem and that you have been bullied. So, let’s change that and attempt to stop it from affecting you and your children, ok?

Why Do Nice Guys Get Friend-Zoned?


Deborah E answers the question, “Hi. I am a college student, aged 20 yrs, and a lady. I am in relationship. Ok, to what extent should we go with my boyfriend and how frequent shall we spend time and during those times spent together, what shall we do?”