How Do I Meet Women (Men)?

I want to chat with lady for free. I have no money to be a member of a site where I have to login.

Dear ram,

That is a tricky question as there are so many different ways to meet men and women.

You referenced web sites and looking for a free online source. Realize that you do "get what you pay for," so a free online service may not be the quality (i.e. screening, etc.) that you are looking for, in a service. Also, it may not provide the matching metrics needed to find someone who is compatible. eHarmony is a service that brags about their scientific approach to finding someone who is a good compatibility match for each person, based on their profile. However, I realize that eHarmony is a not a free service.

Keep in mind, too, that it may be better to find no relationship online at all, than to use a free (or sub-par) service and end up with a relationship nightmare.

Another option is to use groups and discussion forums to find people who are interested in the same things as you. You can find groups almost anywhere, for free (i.e Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). By joining a group, you have an opportunity to see how she relates to everyone in the group, and not just you. That provides an opportunity to see more of her personality, in a social online setting.

One, final thought. You may have the ultimate goal to find that special someone, but do not approach it solely as if that is your only goal. Approach it with a wider goal of meeting people, and you will have a more positive approach to that one special person if/when you find her.

Deborah E
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