Does He Have The Same Feelings As Me?

Does he have the same feelings as me? I love him but we are so far away.

Dear Hwayoung,

It is always difficult when you love some one so much and do not know if they have the same feelings for you, let alone if those same feelings are to the same magnitude that you have for him or her.

The most effective way to get an answer to the question of whether he has the same feelings is to ask him. While there may be signs, body language, etc. that may give you the inclination that he may have the same feelings for you, there is no magic trick that can confirm it as well as asking him directly. Even asking friends or family of his, or asking your own friends will only give their interpretation and opinion, or possibly what they have heard from him directly, but if they are able to get the answer from him directly, to relay to you, you should be able to have the same access to information directly from him.

Granted, it is difficult when you are so far away. Ideally, you would want to ask him in person, but you also do not want to make such a big production of the process of going to the geographical location of where he is, in case that becomes detrimental to the relationship. Possibly you can use the online tools, phone, etc. to chat with him and develop a friendship such that you would be able to work your way to asking him if he has the same feelings as you, or at least ascertaining what type of feelings he does have.

Deborah E
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