Can You Help Me With My Love Problems?

Can you help me with my love problems? Because I'm so tired and need help.

Dear menekay,

Oh, I would love to be able to help you with all of your problems. But, like you, I am only human, only have a capacity for that level. There is no magic wand that I could wave, or anyone could wave, in my opinion, that would make all the love problems go away.

I can share this with you. In the process of working through the "love problems" in my own life, I have grown. My character has grown, I have learned new things and new perspectives and, you know what? I have become stronger, as a result. I realize that may sound like an easy answer, but the reality is that it is not easy, but it is worth it, again, in my experience.

So, instead of looking for all of the problems to go away, let's look at how we can work through them, one at a time. Remember, life is not about where you arrive, because eventually, all of us meet that in death. Instead, life is a journey, and you don't have to walk it alone.

Deborah E
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Deborah is a #1 Jazz Singer, as well as a lifelong musician, songwriter, and sound engineer. She is also a writer who pursues a love of positive psychology. She is a thesis short of having her doctorate in psychology.
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  • I know that, finding the solution of particular love problems are very hard, but it’s not impossible. So, it can easily be solve by you or an expert. So, think twice about it, that what can be the solution.

  • Finding a valid solution in love problem is really a very difficult task. It is necessary to first get the overview of the situation. The point being discussed above is good.

    • Thank you. Yes, a good overview of the situation helps to highlight areas for further discovery, and understanding multiple perspectives and views.

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