I Am So Depressed And Want To Be Loved

I am lost and depressed every time when I don't get true love.

Dear narender,

I do feel for you, with the pain of possibly unrequited ("un-returned") love, not finding the love of your life, or not even finding that special someone with whom you can have a relationship, in the here and now.

All of us as humans, desire to love and be loved, and many of us search for that love. Some of us may even find it, but you know, even for those of us who find "true love" it is not a 100% bed of roses and it does not solve all of our problems, or even fill all of the crevices in us that desire to be loved so entirely.

Understanding that no one person can satisfy all of our human needs and wants and desires is a first step toward putting the desire for love and a companion into perspective. Another aspect of that is to realize that when you are depressed, you are not in a position of loving and being loved, but are in a position of self-soothing. That is not a bad thing, per se, but understand that there is a time for self-soothing and a time to look for friendship and companionship, remembering that friendship and companionship does not necessarily have to equal a love relationship with the "one true love" with another human being.

Deborah E
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