Is It Possible That I Am Pregnant?

Is it possible I'm pregnant? I have had sex after my menstruation. Can you help me?

Dear gwen,

Honey, it is possible you are pregnant. While there are times that is less likely than others, the only real way to ensure that you do not become pregnant is not having sex. In fact, even contraceptive measures such as birth control pills, with a very high success rate, does not make you immune to pregnancy, even when the pill is taken faithfully, daily.

My suggestion is that you obtain a home pregnancy kit, if you have one available in your area. Generally, they are available at drug stores and, even grocery stores, possibly some "dime stores" and corner markets. There are a wide variety of options available to you, to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

Whether the test shows positive or negative, set up an appointment to visit your doctor. In most places, the nurses and doctors will be very kind and will walk you through the testing process, as well as answering your questions regarding birth control and the most effective methods.

Deborah E
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