When Will My Second Marriage Be Resolved?

Kindly tell me, When will my second marriage problem be resolved? Is it near or do I still wait longer? Thanks.

Dear Ghulam,

I commend you for your effort in relationships. Your mention of this being your second marriage shows that you are not afraid of entering into relationships.

You use the word, "When" versus "How" which is a focus on a timeline, almost an endurance of this marriage rather than a focus on the steps that it takes to resolve the issues that plague it. It appears that you are attempting to endure the relationship so that you do not call it "quits" before it is time, causing people to think that you have not put your best effort forth.

==> Sidebar: Someone once told me that all divorces have a portion of responsibility on both sides. There is no such thing as 100% fault on one side and no fault on the other. <==

Do you want to end the marriage now? If you are set on the dissolution of the marriage, then why wait any longer? If you believe that there is still a shred of hope, a potential resolution to the issue(s), then let's look at the "How" portion. Sit down with your spouse, preferably with a non-biased marriage counselor to help facilitate the conversation, and communicate the issues and start to make plans on what is needed, from both of you, to start resolving the issues.

It may be baby steps, at first, but it will be steps in the right direction, assuming you want this marriage to work.

Deborah E
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