What Are The Consequences Of Being Unemployed?

What are some of the consequences of being unemployed? Please discuss.

Dear Christina,

Oh, there are many consequences of unemployment, the most obvious being a potential lack of financial stability, or the feeling that that may become the case.

There would seem to be two reasons to ask this question, possibly more. One would be an academic discussion of the cause and effect analysis of this type of situation, say for a thesis or research paper. Another possible reason would be one's own concern for themselves or for someone they care about who may be going through this situation or possibly facing this situation.

Rather than focusing on the negative consequences which come to mind by the mere mention of a word such as "unemployed," that, in and of itself, has a potential negative connotation, let's look at positive outcomes and focus on the opportunities.

The person may now have the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams and do things that he or she could not do, before, because of the time and energy constraints of a traditional job.

The person now has more time to devote to loving family and building strong and encouraging relationships with loved ones.

The person now has more time to devote to charities and organizations that may help to benefit the community or globe.

The person has an opportunity to become an expert in his or her field of expertise, even if that field is the encouragement of other people, and understanding where they are coming from and walking with them in the journey of arriving at an encoring spot, themselves. And, there is joy in that.

Deborah E
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