My Boyfriend Isn’t Paying Attention To Me… Ex-Girlfriend Problems?

I have this really cool boyfriend. We have been going out for two weeks now. We've been friends for, like, 10 yrs. Everything was really cool for the first week, but now he isn't calling. Oh, he did have this girlfriend for 3 yrs and I think he might be calling her.

Dear hurtingrelationship,

I'm sorry to be the one who tells you this, but sweetie, he simply isn't that into you!

If your boyfriend has been dating another girl for 3 yrs, great! He is the committed type. But, wait, he is probably still committed... committed to the ex-girlfriend.

Here is my advice. Set him loose. You do the loosening, in a kind, but direct way. That way, if he is into you, he may come back, because of how you handled the situation confidently and without all the weepies (you can do that behind the scenes). But, don't get your hopes up. Go find a honey that can love you, and only you.

I know, easier said than done. But, we love you!

Deborah E
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