Is It Hunting Season on Cockroaches, Yet?

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I remember sitting in her kitchen. She was a nice lady. Well, certainly nice to me, and that was all that mattered at that moment because this woman represented the protection that I had been craving since I took my first breath.

She was talking calmly, but with an intensity that seared through my being. Her puff on her cigarette, every three or four words, only added to the drama that I was already feeling to my very core.

“Honey,” she said, “You may only see one cockroach, but when you pick up the rock, the ground moves, because they are ALL cockroaches.”

“But,” I countered, “You don’t understand! My family is religious. My family is full of missionaries, pastors, global do-gooders. They couldn’t possibly be cockroaches!”

“It’s ok, honey,” she said in between the puffs on the cigarette. She changed the subject to something more calming, with her keen, FBI-trained eye not only reading my body language, but reading my very soul.

Note: Please refer to this link for background on this post.

I have never forgotten those words or the feelings that accompanied what she said that day. She had already protected me against assaults from my family, so she had earned my trust and despite my age, I looked up to her like a child hiding in the bosom of her mother, or so I would imagine since I hadn’t had that type of haven as a child. It seemed like such an unlikely source, with all of our background differences, but we had a commonality and bond that would transcend the twisted teaching of my youth. Why? Because, she understood cockroaches, able to spot them with an almost x-ray vision through the rocks that they would use as their covering.

Some recent news articles have made me wonder how many rocks are out there, not to mention cockroaches. It seems as if there is no longer a single rock, but rather, a mountain under which the cockroaches are trying to hide. But, then, is it a mountain, or simply a pile of cockroaches?

I will end this post with a list of links for further reading. Then, you can decide, yourself, whether it is cockroach hunting season, yet. But, consider yourself forewarned: You may want to take a couple steps backward when the mountain of cockroaches start to move from the fear that is overtaking them since the light-switch of the world has not only been turned on, but focused on them, their activities, and their teaching that helps to breed more cockroaches.

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The Globe And Mail Inaction in RCMP harassment scandal should bother us all Thanks RCMP, for examining your own. We appreciate your integrity.
YouTube The Stiff Rod of A Man Seriously! Do people believe this venom teaching? Yes, unfortunately, people practice it!
CTV News Speaking Out: Sheldon Kennedy in Washington Looking forward to movement in the US, similar to what Canada has been doing.
Bene Diction Blogs On All She Wants for Christmas… Really, people, you have sunk to this level? Thought you wanted to leave it in God’s hands. Is God not enough, so you have to use cartoon characters to fight your battles for you?

Disclaimer: It is not the assumption nor the intent to accuse all people associated with Prairie Bible College/Institute of being “cockroaches.” It is the intent to raise public and global awareness to the issues that have been brought to the global eye, and address them in a way to protect future generations against abuse.

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  • Thanks for the link Deborah, you are a compelling story teller.
    The PBI board has less than 24 hours to make a decision on whether or not to allow a guest phone call in their final meeting of this year.

    Blog on!

    • Deborah E Link Reply

      Thanks, BD 🙂


  • Deborah E Link Reply

    Thanks, BD 🙂


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