I Want To Know About Persuasive Speech of Relationships

I'd like to know more about persuasive speech of boy-girl relationships.

Dear anNe,

Persuasive speech for relationships. The first thought that comes to mind is, for what purpose? I know it doesn't sound like that should matter. After all, you are asking how to do something.

The reason that it matters is because you have to look at the end result of your efforts to succeed with persuasive speech in a relationship. When persuasive speech is used in a seminar, or for a sales pitch, the end result is to sell the product (or speaker, or book, etc.). People hearing the persuasive speech expect to be "sold" and if they feel that things were not completely straight-up, they realize that it was a "sales pitch."

In a relationship, trust is very important. While you may be practicing something of a sales pitch to get the first date, you do not want to be using sales pitches to build the relationship. If your partner sees it as only a sales pitch, they will not feel loved. They will feel manipulated.

So, how do you use persuasive speech in a relationship? You trade it in for trust-building activities like being real with one another, showing your love for one another, being honest. It is amazing just how far trust will take you ... a lot farther than persuasive speech.

Deborah E
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