I Want To Always Be Positive

I want to always be positive....and perceive positive thoughts. How do I do this?

Dear eugene,

I am so proud of you, that you want to be positive! You have taken the most difficult step, already, desiring to be positive! Pat yourself on the back and here is a big hug coming your way!

I think of positive thinking as a daily, almost moment by moment process. It is not necessarily a destination, but rather a journey. There are days when it may be more difficult. But, at the same time, as we learn to see the positive in circumstances, people, our surroundings, we become accustomed to the thought process and there are actually days that it is really easy to be positive. But, we have to cut ourselves slack, knowing that, in some cases, it is a matter of re-training how we think and view things. But remember, you can't get there if you don't want to, which is why your desire to be positive is so essential.

I am actually writing a free ebook (shameless plug, there!) called "30 Days to Feeling Up" about practical steps or ways of thinking that help me to be positive. It is certain not an "end all" answer, it is simply my own journey on what works for me. Be sure and stop by to sign up for notification when I have finished the book. I welcome your feedback, because there is no reason why we can't journey together, and that starts with the first step, then another, and another...

Deborah E
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Deborah is a #1 Jazz Singer, as well as a lifelong musician, songwriter, and sound engineer. She is also a writer who pursues a love of positive psychology. She is a thesis short of having her doctorate in psychology.
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