Family Gift Idea

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With the holidays approaching, there are different responses, especially with those who are trying to figure out how to compete with the holidays of the past, while not taking money out of the food or housing budget to do it. These are tough times, economically, and, in some cases, there is question on just how long a job may last or an income may continue. It forces us to hold back, just a bit, in some cases, and ponder the long term decisions with a little more care.

That said, it is still fun to spend and to enjoy the holidays and spend time with family. Yes, even family that you look forward to only see once a year. It is a time when most people focus on things outside themselves, and giving.

One idea to watch the pocketbook is to give a family gift. Not talking about the gifts you give to other families, but your own. This is especially good when you have a larger family. Rather than one pricey gift for you, your spouse, and eight children, you may want to consider a gift to the entire family. Depending on your budget, it may cost a bit more than you would pay for one person, but it is also gift that can be enjoyed as a family, with the family, on multiple occasions.

The idea I had was to give the gift of entertainment, like a DirecTV subscription, at Oh, I know, it is a monthly price tag, but it is also a gift that keeps giving.

I realize there are many people that say television and that type of entertainment is not the most beneficial way of spending time, and for those people, maybe a gift such as DirecTV is not the right gift, but I have found many benefits to sitting down and watching a movie or show with my family. Some of those include:

  • Saving shopping money: If I went shopping with the family, I’d spend more money!
  • Quality time with the family: Setting a time to sit down together sometimes doesn’t happen without an event.
  • Opportunity to make it fun: Making popcorn together, as a family, and then sitting down, or grabbing those pillows and sleeping bag, and the dogs (vying for the popcorn)… well, it is just F*U*N!
  • Discussion time: For our family, it is not just about the watching, but the sharing. It is an opportunity to get to know how each of us think and relate.

There are so many more, and different benefits that a family can derive from watching a show or a sports game together, or a news broadcast, or whatever suits the individuals and the family. It is what you make of it, as it is with all activities whether it is mountain climbing or watching a show.

The gift of DirecTV or similar, is an opportunity to make memories with the family, and in the end, isn’t that what it is all about, during the holidays and beyond?

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