When Do I Call It Quits On My Talent?

What if you think it is time to give up a talent and just call it quits because no one knows about the talent?

Dear Taylor,

The real question here is what the talent means to you, Taylor? Just as you shouldn't change who you are inside because of what someone else says (unless it really is appropriate, good advice that you agree with yourself), you shouldn't give up on your talent just because you are not getting the notice that you think you should be receiving.

If you are only using the talent to get attention and you are not getting the attention that you think that that skill set deserves, then you are not really using a talent that is dear to your heart. You are simply using a skill set that you happen to be good at and trying to see if it will get you anywhere. If that is the case, then it doesn't seem like the talent means anything to you and go ahead, move on to something else if that is what you want to do.

But, if that talent is something that stirs passion within you, don't let anyone take it away from you! Don't give it up, but enjoy it for you. Use the talent and let the passion flow, regardless of the world around you.

Deborah E
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