30 Days of Making (and Succeeding with) Resolutions!

New Year Resolutions

The 30 Day Challenge to Succeeding with Resolutions!

  1. Approaching New Year Resolutions Without the Overwhelming Toxicity
  2. Deborah’s Goal Hacking (and Goal Setting Without the Triviality)
  3. Learning About Goals and Resolutions for Measurable Success
  4. How to Succeed with Resolutions in Spite of Formidable Failure Rates
  5. Resolutions with Tested Goal-Setting Is the Key to Long-Term Success

… Stay tuned for more articles to be added to this list!

Deborah is a #1 Jazz Singer, as well as a lifelong musician, songwriter, and sound engineer. She is also a writer who pursues a love of positive psychology. She is a thesis short of having her doctorate in psychology.