My Mother Favors My Sister

Motivational Quotes >> Loving, Letting Go, and Moving On in Life

Quotes like this one >> “If you love somebody, let them go… If they return, they were always yours… If they don’t, they never were…” Kahlil Gibran This video producer has done a nice job of combining motivational quotes and music for your enjoyment and we are honored to promote their video. Please show some [...]

He Hides Me From His Mother

I Want a Divorce!

How Much Time Should We Spend Together?

Deborah E answers the question, “Hi. I am a college student, aged 20 yrs, and a lady. I am in relationship. Ok, to what extent should we go with my boyfriend and how frequent shall we spend time and during those times spent together, what shall we do?”

When Do I Call It Quits On My Talent?

Deborah E answers the question, “What if you think it is time to give up a talent and just call it quits because no one knows about the talent?”