Makes Me Want To Buy A Porsche in Jeans

I heard a story once, about a guy who went to a car dealer in worn-out jeans, to buy a car. The dealer barely gave him the time of day. I mean, hey, he didn’t look like he had enough money for a junker on the used car lot, let alone a “decent” car.

Makes Me Want To Buy A Porsche in Jeans

The man, a millionaire looking for something to entertain himself with that day, went to another dealer. Later that day, he returned to the original car dealer, dressed just as he had been earlier, driving a brand new Porsche.

How do you think the car dealer felt at that point? Similar to the movie, “Pretty Woman,” when Julia Roberts’ character says, “Big mistake. Big. Huge.”







9 responses to “Makes Me Want To Buy A Porsche in Jeans”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Coffee with a bit of Jazz this fine morning – what a way to awaken for the day! I love your sound and style. The Black Velvet cover is my favorite. I am so glad to be discovering all these terrific blogs and the fine talented folks behind each one. Thanks!

  2. Miriam Avatar

    Right now I am sitting at Panera, enjoying your blog and music with my coffee and Power Sandwich! It adds to the nice atmosphere! My morning was not going all that well but I am taking the time to relax here and reading your blog has been helping, thanks!!

  3. Nancy Frye-Swope Avatar

    Every time I listen to your music I want to buy it! Can't wait. You'll go far, I know it! I love your blog. NFS – The Retired Biker Housewife

  4. Joy Kingsborough Avatar

    No joke!! Perception can be friend or foe…Letting go of our judgments is a powerful message. Thank you for the comical reminder. Be Well! Joy

  5. Market Rite Avatar

    That was so true about how we all take appearances for granted sometimes. Right now I'm enjoying taking a break and love your short and sweet stories!

  6. Kristen Valus Avatar

    What a fun blog! Good music and interesting commentary will keep people coming back again and again! I liked your warm up idea with Ella – I sing too – I'm going to try it tomorrow. :~)

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Quoted @ growing bolder column

  8. Dilly Avatar

    AFAIC that’s the best awsner so far!

  9. Dilly Avatar

    AFAIC that’s the best awsner so far!

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