I Admit It… Now, Have Compassion on Those Around You

I admit it. I’m listening to “My Savior My God” by Aaron Shust. Somehow I clicked on that instead of “The Essential Heart,” for that body-curing comforting classic rock.

I feel the warm tears on my cheeks. Sometimes that happens, when you least expect it. Yes, when you most need it.

Ok, if you question me about this later, I’ll deny it. So, read it once and let’s forget it, ok?

Don’t Let Them See Your Pain

I grew up with the motto of “Never Let Them See You Sweat.” I know that is a deodorant commercial, but I took it literally. I was a small child, pre-school, sitting on the floor in front of the television and I told myself then, and there, that I was going to succeed in life and no one, no one, absolutely no one was going to see my pain!

The Definition of My Pain is Unimportant

My story is not what is important here. There are many stories. There are stories that began before I sat before that television set. There are stories that began shortly thereafter, with a chronic illness that I force to view as my friend. To make her my enemy is to have lost my battle for life decades ago.

There are stories that started only a decade or so ago. Then, there is the chronic pain.. but, it is not about me. It is about us.

Community Matters

Yes, we all individually matter. Don’t forget that! But, it is about us as a people. It is about us as a community. When you walk down the street, do you really know what pain the person next to you is suffering? Do you know that that gentleman may be taking every fiber of his being to lift his foot and place it down in front of him.

People, please hear me. Life is short. It is too short.

Hear me. Understand those around you. You may not know their pain. You can thank God above that you don’t know their pain. But, understand that pain exists in this world. That is inevitable. But, you have a gift that goes beyond that pain. You have the ability to love.

Now, go love.

Love them when they are not attractive.

Love them when they do not smell like flowers.

And, love them when lifting one foot and placing it down in front of them is more difficult than you could ever imagine. All I ask is that you love. Please.

I leave you with this, for your listening pleasure >> Perfectly Wonderful World







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