5 Successes Every Day

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One of the continuous concepts to “feeling up” (and you will hear it often) is the positive thinking element and trying, even if it feels like it is against every fiber of your being, to focus on that positive and to choose *not* to focus on the negative.

Believe me, I have even struggled with that sometimes! Painted ponies and cotton candy do not come easy. Why do you think I named my domain Positive, yep, *Persistence.* You got it, because it comes with persistence.

You have the hardest part done. I mean, you are here because you really want to feel good about yourself, right? So, let’s start with reminding ourselves of the positive every day.

Tracking the 5 Successes Every Day

Oh, I had heard it before and it all sounded great. I had even done my own checklists on my computer. I love checklists and it makes more sense to keep it on the computer, right?

I thought so, too, until I did a blogging challenge with Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity. She talks about the process I am about to explain (let’s give Ariel a round of applause for today’s tip, shall we?). She pointed out that studies have been done that show that a different part of the brain is used when writing something down versus typing it into a computer. I know it seems old-fashioned, but you know what? I’ve been doing it for about a year, and I am a believer!

The Materials

The first thing I did was to get a pretty notebook that would encourage me just by looking at it. Oh, I purchased a couple others first, they were cute, but too big (hey, they have to fit in my purse!), too boring, etc. I finally decided on the one shown here:

Depending on what type of person you are, you may also want a special pen. Ok, I confess, I am into “special pens.” I didn’t say, “expensive,” mind you, but the kind that write well…

The Process

Every morning (or almost so… and remember, if you miss a day, cut yourself slack, ok?!).. I make two lists on one page of my little notebook. The second list is my “To Do” or task list and I limit it to only 6 items. (Truth be told, I still try to do 50 a day, but put the 6 top items on that list.) Ok, that part is easy and out of the way, but remember, that is the 2nd list. Let’s talk about the first list…

I write down 5 Successes from the day before. I don’t want to hear you say you can’t think of 5 successes. You know why? Because everyone has 5 (and many more) successes.

Let’s chat on that…

When I say successes, I am not talking about some corporate merger, I am actually referring to accomplishments and things that make you feel good. Let’s think of it as a “5 Things That I am Happy About and Thankful For Today.”

So, there are days, yes, when I have only completed, say, one task, and not necessarily a big task. Then, I look in my lap, and there is a snuggly little Chihuahua all curled up loving me. So, my 2nd item may be, “Held a snuggly Chihuahua.” It doesn’t even have to be worded as a task and could be simply, “I’m thankful for my pet Chihuahua.” And, let’s not limit it to the furry creatures… I have written things like, “spent time with kids,” or “hugged my kids.” And, even if that time was only 5 minutes, I am thankful for that time, and maybe, it is encouragement to spend 6 minutes with my kids the next day, since it made me feel positive for that 5 minutes! You get where this is going? I guarantee that you can come up with 5 (and more) things per day… Include the sun shining and the birds singing and you’ve got two right there…

So, pull out your notepad and start writing, and seeing, your positive moments in life, ok?

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