Don’t Turn Off the Pain… Completely

Odd statement. I know. I mean, whenever we have the chance, we want to turn the pain off, right? I admit. I’m in that crowd, too. I prefer to be pain-free, whether that is physical pain or psychological pain. However, I got to thinking… Well, that, and the application of what I have learned in [...]

Broken Tooth Psychology: When the Parent Cannot Outgrow Their Own Abusive Behavior

It is sad when children are abused. It is sad for others if they know about the abuse. But, then again, there is nothing quite like going through it, surviving, and living with the consequences. Some choose to fight abuse head-on and go on talk shows and discuss it, expose it, and try to ensure that it will never happen again. But, even those actions do not stop abuse. It grows like an evil fungus and infects anyone that it can touch.

upset the buggy and hit her mouth on the handle of the buggy, chipping the tooth!” –> If we haven’t made the point yet, then maybe this psychology stuff is too deep. Or, the idea of a child being mistreated to this level is too much (in which case, I’ve made my point). The next thing that I want to point out is how the story stops at the chipped tooth. Has anyone thought of the consequences of a child hitting her head on a shopping center (i.e. concrete) floor? Has anyone thought of the long term consequences?

As Simple As A Child’s Love

“Hi I love u mommy”

The text came in, gently jolting me from my daily “work.” A welcome jolt of love, like a soothing breeze touching my cheeks while experiencing the joy of a rushing ocean wave.

It is the voice of this child that brings tears to my eyes. Tears because I love her. Tears because she loves me. Tears because she KNOWS that I love her!

These are the good sort of tears.

There is something so precious about a child’s love. It is able to permeate the deepest areas of the heart. It is able to soothe the roughest spots. It is able to stop us, as adults, in our tracks and realize the simplicity and joy of living. But, that is only IF we allow it to touch and bless us.

Miracles Happen In The Tiniest Packages

When You Need It Most and Least Expect It

When most new mothers would expect help to come from capable, adult family members, there was a time when help came from a more unlikely, seemingly less-capable source. A family member that should be the recipient of nurturing and caring, and yet, in this time of need, became the nurturer.

Oh, he doesn’t remember it now, since he was very tiny at the time, but this little boy came through for his mama that day, in a way that was not only life-sustaining but joy-giving, for years to come.

His mother had just awoken from an unconscious state, due to low blood sugar, and was very disoriented and needed caring. He toddled around, appearing to be blissful and carefree. He had an inquisitive nature, attempting, daily, to find out what makes the world go ’round. And, yet, on this day, his roaming curiosity was put aside and he became “in-tune” with his mama, somehow, in his newly developing mind, becoming aware of his mama’s need and that of a newborn, as well.

I Admit It… Now, Have Compassion on Those Around You

I admit it. I’m listening to “My Savior My God” by Aaron Shust. Somehow I clicked on that instead of “The Essential Heart,” for that body-curing comforting classic rock. I feel the warm tears on my cheeks. Sometimes that happens, when you least expect it. Yes, when you most need it. Ok, if you question [...]

Stop to Smell the Flowers

Appreciate what you have access to today. You never know when things will change on you. So, go out and stop and smell those flowers, be it roses, daisies, or the perfume of your significant other.