Depression is Causing Trouble with My Family and Job


Deborah E answers the question, “I am extremely depressed and I have hurt my family and friends to the point that they wont talk to me anymore, I could even lose my job because of it? How can I fix things?”

I’m sorry that you have had such a difficult time. I understand that it is not only the pain the you are feeling but the circumstances that you feel you may have caused by your pain. The whole thing can seem overwhelming.

First, let’s get the reality part out of the way. I’m sure that you probably already know this, but it isn’t going to be solved overnight. It took steps to get where you are at now and it will take steps to get back to a more comfortable place.

If your family has never been supportive and has been any portion of the cause of your depression, then we don’t want to rely on them to be where you feel you need them to be for you. However, if they have simply reached a spot where they no longer know how to help you and

De-Stress Your Life!


Here is a list of quickies on minimizing the stress in your life. First of all, define your “relaxing task.” What is it that really helps you to breathe deeper and relax? Is it a hot tub (if you don’t have one, what about a hot tub bath or hot shower)? Is it listening to [...]

I Am My Grandmother’s Granddaughter


Even as I write this, I tear up at the memory of how much I took my grandmother for granted. As a child, I would walk, no, run, into her house and go straight back to the rocking chair where my grandpa was sitting and climb up in his lap. My grandpa was my hero. [...]

Introduction to “30 Days to Feeling Up”


Like many of us, you could probably use some cheering up, at least some of the time, couldn’t you? Even me, with my continual positive thinking, could use that cheering up! Positive thinking requires some persistence, some effort to find the positive, even in the most negative situation and environment. I’ve decided to put together a series called “30 Days to Feeling Up.” I will post these, here, on the web site, and after all 30 have been chosen, will create an eBook for you, free of charge.

Memory Lane and the Validation Vacuum


As I watched the elevator door close, my mind raced through memories of days gone by.. days that one may want to forget, and yet days that have molded me into who I am today. For some, the walk down memory lane brings up a past that one may not want to recall. It is [...]